GMO – The Boogie Man in Your Food


Saturday morning. 9 am. Going for our weekly food shopping spree. You get to the supermarket and you start throwing in the shopping cart your favorite food brands. Cereals, meat, fruits and vegetables, sweets, yoghurt. Do you really pay attention to the label of each product you are buying or are you just a slave of the food industry?

Being an informed consumer may make the difference between enjoying a healthy life and living with the menace of cancer or other chronic diseases (like diabetes, heart conditions) triggered by improper nutrition. The first subject you need to learn about is GMO.

What is GMO?

GMO, also known as Genetically Modified Organisms include plants/animals that were created using biotechnology, through gene merging techniques.

Did you know that the first GMO crop (which was a tomato crop) was approved by the FDA in 1994?

Let’s put it in a simple way – it’s like eating a hybrid, enhanced chicken instead of a chicken raised in the backyard by your grandparents at a farm 50 years ago. In fact, it’s like believing the Terminator is actually a human being (if we’re going to exaggerate a bit). Nothing is what is seems to be thanks to the GMO. GMO health risks to humans are yet to be discovered, although there are numerous studies that indicate a close relationship  between GMO and an increasing incidence of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, liver and kidney diseases, allergies and lower immunity. It’s a no brainer that consuming GMO foods on a long term will cause negative GMO health effects.[1]

Currently, genetically engineered crops like soya, sugar beets, papaya, milk, squash or canola have become common local crops all over the world. Bit by bit, GMO ingredients have lurked into most of the processed foods available on the shelves you are taking your food from every Saturday morning.

Initially, GMO foods seemed like the answer to world hunger. GMO producers have brought arguments in order to sustain their actions, including:

  • Decreasing farmers’ costs;
  • By developing pesticide and herbicide resistant crops, yields will be richer.[2]

However, things went on a different path. Bugs and weeds have become more resistant to the widespread application of chemicals, leading to an unprecedented increase of both. The safety of GMO foods comes with a big question mark in terms of health concerns and environmental damage. Some of the health concerns associated with GMO according to recent studies include:

  • Allergies;
  • Liver problems;
  • Reproductive problems;
  • Infant mortality;
  • Diabetes;
  • Obesity;
  • Sterility;

The GMO food debate is far from having a final winner or a precise solution. The food industry is current searching for new methods to expand the use of genetically engineered crops. Can you believe that a new form of salmon that is genetically modified to grow to maturity twice as fast as wild salmon is currently undergoing a safety review from the FDA?[3] Or that The Department of Agriculture has approved a potato that is genetically engineered to become resistant to bruising and features lower levels of acrylamide, a suspected human carcinogen that the potato produces when cooked at high temperatures? GMO foods contain genes across natural species barrier. There is no resemblance to natural breeding, no resemblance to natural taste and no resemblance to organic food. Becoming an informed buyer WILL make the difference between health and disease, between growing healthy, happy children or having to deal with a life pumped with pills and health issues. Say no to GMO foods and switch to organic grown products before it’s too late. The price your actually pay at the counter is not the price for your products…it may be the price of your future.

My question is: what are you doing this Saturday morning?



[3] Jeffrey M. Smith, Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods, Yes! Books, Fairfield, IA 2007

For more information, visit .


If you could change education in Europe … what would you do?

. What is your vision for good education in Europe and what should your national government and the EU do to improve education?

. How do you see a “European dimension” introduced to the selected educational level?

The essence of our effort to see that every child has a chance must be to assure each an equal opportunity, not to become equal, but to become different – to realize whatever unique potential of body, mind and spirit he or she possesses…

 John Fischer

At the beginning of the 21st century there is a general agreement that “change” has become a word that makes the world go round. We are talking about social, technological and environmental changes that happen fast, without precedent. The field of education was also touched by this wave of change, but in a different way in each country. While some countries benefit from advanced technology, financial resources and the authorities’ support, in other countries, the word “change” remained just a word. Unfortunately, there are always discrepancies that lead to situations where teachers or students assume the role of a simple spectator instead of being able to get involved and improve.

Creating a knowledgeable Europe is an ideal for many of us – for some schools it represents a huge opportunity to give something valuable to their students, but at the same time it clearly is a major challenge due to the number of existing differences (cultural differences, social differences, proper financial support). As learning modules and curriculums develop today to embrace emerging concerns and discrepancies, it is imperative that we all seek ways to extend the reach of education with a European, and why not, a global perspective. The educational system tends to become a globalized system. It is in continuous change and it is characterized by a fierce competition for attracting new talents while answering promptly to the present demands.

The influence of all political governments in Romanian education after 1989 happened very fast and very obvious. We can easily notice today that the size of the changes in governmental actions lead to permanent innovation regarding the objectives, contents and educational methodologies. The New Law of Education features a reform of the Romanian educational system that includes changes such as:

  1. Creating a compatibility between the educational cycles and the demands of a modern education and the European Curriculum;
  1. The modernization and the decongesting of the national curriculum
  2. Reorganizing the students’ evaluation system
  3. Ensuring an increased level of decentralization, responsibility and financing within the system;
  1. Ensuring equal chances to education for the disadvantaged groups
  2. Reformation for human resources policies
  3. Stimulating lifelong learning

The current law is actually an argument in favor of the accelerated change needs of the current educational system, by synchronizing the Romanian politics and structures with the European ones. However, all of these changes have been launched without even considering all the implications of actually putting in practice such changes. Therefore, the results varied immensely from school to school, creating huge discrepancies among teachers, students, overall results. Numerous causes have also contributed to this situation, including the flow of the information related to the new reforms, interpretation errors, misinformation regarding certain aspects of the curricular changes.

Right now, we are finding ourselves in a crucial moment regarding the curriculum. We have to rethink all the educational strategies by putting accent on collaborative learning, cooperation based learning, to encourage freedom of speech, and to constructively use the perspective and opinion differences. European countries need to rapport themselves to the general tendencies of evolution in education and adhere to common standards and a common, well-structured curriculum but also to the dynamics and the needs generated by the progresses made in technology and knowledge. Therefore, it is impetuous to identify a common set of priorities that would provide to all students and will promote an innovative educational system that will eliminate any discrepancies in the economy, politics or social background of European countries.

There are certain questions that make me think about my role as a teacher:

. What do contemporary schools stand for?

. What do students learn? What kind of values we promote?

In order to fully understand the message of tomorrow, it is compulsory that teachers, students the Ministry of Education and other organizations work together and put in practice a critical analysis of all the problems affecting the current educational system. However, in today’s Europe is hard to choose between being national or… being European. The European dimension of education has become clearer in the last years, featuring three major directions:

. Education in Europe, based on a common cultural background;

. Education about Europe, focusing on information about various aspects of the European society

. Education for Europe, aiming for the formation of the identity and European citizenship.

The major difficulty in adhering to such European values in the lack of proper financing required for improving the existing educational infrastructure, purchasing modern equipment and providing teachers a stimulating salary. If you add the resistance to change encountered both locally and nationally, it is clearly to understand why things are the way they are today. Adding a “European dimension” to the secondary educational level would be much easier if we provide innovative tools that will facilitate data sharing and learning throughout the world, in complete safety. For the past few years, the technological progresses, especially in the IT fields, have become an important factor for the social and economic European development.

Education supported by the new technologies is the best solution for countries still struggling with finding their “voice” in the European educational system. Educational systems based on a common interactive online educational platform will give a “voice” to those who need it and will enable others to help, simply by reducing the digital divide. It will strengthen cooperation between educational institutions inside and outside Europe.

The conception of a virtual school of knowledge providing a free and easy way to education seems like an outrageous idea. However, it seems like the only rational solution to gather everyone involved and at the same time provide learning opportunities to those who need high quality education available to everyone. Why not creating a type of “Learning Centers” set up in places where Internet access is almost impossible, such as rural areas, areas where disadvantaged groups live or where there is a high level of school abandon? An interactive education network (a multitask virtual school with several interfaces) created specifically for schools, teachers, students and anyone interested in contributing to the change of European education would be a small step, yet an important one in starting to define and to adhere to a common European curriculum. In addition, if such an online interactive educational platform would give the opportunity to access quality on-line education and formation, it would be even better…

. A platform that would provide cutting-edge tools in information sharing and interaction between the students, the teachers, and the schools – a perfect recipe for unity, collaboration, communication and valuable outcomes. Moreover, it could be the beginning of a wonderful journey… In Romania, and I am sure that in other European countries, many secondary students choose or they are forced by social or financial factors to quit school before graduating. The statistics indicate the harsh reality, especially since there are so few opportunities for them to continue school once they have a job or even children of their own. For so many students and adults who have missed their chance to quality education, an online interactive educational platform would provide an easier access to training and courses for a public of any conditions and levels.

. An online learning platform would also offer access to a wide range of resources thanks to a virtual educational library: books, assessments and exams, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. Few advantages for the secondary level and anyone interested in learning offered by such a solution would be:

. a virtual European school platform

. an educational network dedicated to on-line training

. development of the use of open and distant training (Framing)

. information research made easy (Internet)

. access to academic and professional orientation tools

Everyone should have a chance to quality education, regardless socio-economic factors. The equality of chances principle should always apply in a democratic, European-based curriculum that grants access to high quality courses, without any sort of discrimination. The obvious progresses in the past years include progresses in infrastructure and equipment, purchasing communication and informational technologies (internet access, educational software, curricular auxiliaries). Therefore, why not use such technology for putting together a common curriculum that would eventually provide equal chances to high quality education for all?

A common virtual meeting place that would allow schools, educators, students and related authorities to work together, share knowledge and create a common curriculum, a framework that will enable students from all over Europe not to become equal, but to be able to become different, flexible and knowledgeable in a world ruled by “change”.

Brain Food for Bright (and not-so-bright) Students


There is no longer a secret that what we eat has a great influence on the way our bodies work. Well…let’s see what a regular student would have during exams: coffee, burgers, fries, coffee, sweets for energy, coffee…I think I mentioned that before J

Slightly changing your diet during exams and not only can significantly improve your intellectual abilities. We all need better focus power and a stronger memory, especially during exams.

*Notice: Changing your diet and not actually opening a course book will not help you in any way passing exams.

Since you are learning anyway, we decided to make this article in a quiz form, straight to the point so you can grasp the essentials:

Question #1

What kinds of food should a student avoid during exams?

Although fast food seems like a fast, convenient solution during long study hours, no, it is not useful at all for your learning curve. It is not about gaining weight or anything; it just slows down the metabolism. If you grab some hamburgers in the idea of getting some extra boost of energy you are doing it wrong, trust me! A lazy digestion process during the night will prevent you from getting proper rest. In addition, try to avoid fizzy drinks and sweets: these will offer you a short term energy boost but your body will crash just after their sugary effect passes by. Instead, opt for still water, with a higher Ph because it will support your digestive system in eliminating all those toxins resulted from increased metabolism during stressful timespans. Ok, now there is coffee. Oh, the Holy Grail of Student Exams. This is gonna be hard for me, since I am such a coffee junky, but I am gonna say it. It’s gonna hurt, but I’m gonna say it. Don’t exaggerate with coffee…initially, it will create that alertness effect, but if you have too much coffee, it may alter your memory performances.

Question #2

What types of food are beneficial for your memory?

What I do during exams is go shopping on Friday just to make sure I have a good stack of healthy, energy boosting snacks for whenever I feel like giving up learning. Well, for excellent memory I usually choose a lot of fresh fruits, salads, cereals with milk/yoghurt, dry fruits or chocolate with over 70% cocoa. Here comes the good stuff, the so –called super foods: goji, sesame seeds, chia seeds or peeled hemp seeds. I usually sprinkle them over my salads or mix them with yoghurt.

Ok, summary:

  1. Fruits
  2. Cereals
  3. Chocolate with high percentage of cocoa
  4. Seeds
  5. Lean meats (poultry, fish).

Question #3

Can health supplements help in any way?

Vitamins and minerals can be easily absorbed from healthy food, but since not many can keep up with the rigors of a healthy diet, we can supplement the deficit with the help of health supplements. From my experience, health supplements made of natural ingredients are the most effective. The great thing is that there are supplements specifically made for people who experience a high level of intellectual effort (aka “students”), featuring the right amount of vitamins and minerals. During exams we would need an extra input of vitamins such as C, B1, B6, B9, B12, folic acid, phosphor, zinc and many others.

Finally, but not less important, mind your sleep. Many students don’t sleep a lot during exams, but they should know that fatigue decreases a lot the abilities of focus and memorize. Those few hours that we think we gain during the night are in fact not as productive as we may consider. In fact, you may end up during the next day exam that you simply cannot recall a damn thing you’ve learned all night long! Make sure you sleep during the night in order to re-establish the energetic balance of you nervous synapses and also the hormonal balance affected by the stress induced adrenaline.

Ditching your student diet habits during exams is not easy. However, have you asked yourself: How do some students get all the A’s? Proper rest and healthy food will surely keep you on the right line. After you pass all the exams, reward yourself with a big pizza and some beer. After all, exams are over!

NEXT 1.0.: The First Desktop Filament Extruder for Professional 3D Printing WHAT KEEPS THE EVOLUTION OF 3D PRINTING ON HOLD?

Are you getting the best experience out of your 3D printing? Have you ever considered that the quality of your 3D prints is greatly influenced by the filaments you are using as a prime matter? Overcoming common problems associated with 3D printing such as absurd production costs, lack of custom material types and a high waste factor can put on hold the evolution of 3D printing.

Filaments can make the difference between a roaring success and a depressing flop; we know it well, since we are engineers producing 3D designs for a living. Going through the trials and errors of 3D printing and filament choice is time consuming, ecologically daunting and expensive. If you want to be in full control of your 3D printing, you might consider producing your own custom .

3D printing is definitely part of the future and things are progressing fast.  Keeping up with the fast pace of the industry requires you to be one step ahead. This is why we have developed NEXT 1.0.the NEXT 1., a professional and affordable solution to creating your own 3D printing filament.

NEXT 1.0.NEXT 1.0 is a user friendly solution that aims to revolutionize the 3D printing industry by helping you produce high quality filament easy, fast and for a fraction of the costs you are currently investing.



NEXT 1.0.NEXT 1.0 is a professional desktop filament extruder that was specifically created to optimize the 3D printing process by delivering industrial quality filament. As engineers working with 3D printers on a daily basis, we were looking for an affordable, fast and easy to use filament extruder for our 3D printing needs. So…we started searching and searching for the right filament extruder. What a frustrating journey!

The existing filament extruders that were able to deliver industry quality filaments were expensive, difficult to operate or not as advanced in terms of technology. We were looking for top notch quality filaments without having to trade a leg and a hand. Therefore, we decided to take faith in our own hands and develop a filament extruder that would deliver the industrial quality without compromises.

Now we are eager to share what we have learned along the way and welcome everyone interested in joining the 3D printing revolution!


Currently, there are NO affordable professional filament extruders that can deliver the highest quality standards for 3D printing filaments. While we were searching for a device compatible with our 3D printing needs we came across with a number of products – cheap, expensive, small or chunky, some of them as slow as my grandmother’s PC, others featuring an operating panel similar to the Star Trek’s Enterprise. That was not a good experience.

We wanted something compact, fast and easy to use. A filament extruder that would allow us to experiment with material colors & composites whilst enabling us to recycle our enormous pile of failed 3D prints sounded like Mission Impossible. But most of all, we wanted a filament extruder that would deliver the quality and the versatility we were looking in our filaments.

There was no turning back. We wanted such a filament extruder, so we decided to develop it; for out benefit and for all people searching for flawless 3D printing supplies. After many years of hard work, planning, designing and experimenting, we finally got there. NEXT 1.0. is (so far anyway J ). We created an advanced filament extruder that we’re proud to put our name on.

NEXT 1.0. is a revolutionary filament extruder that features:

  • Superior filament quality;
  • Ease of use;
  • Speed;
  • Unlimited 3D printing filament
  • Environmentally friendly solution to recycle failed 3D prints, PET bottles, plastic cups and many other plastic items that would irresponsibly end up in the trash.


So…here is it:  a professional and affordable filament extruder that enables you to create, customize and recycle your own high quality filament at the fraction of the price offered by current retailers. A small step for us, a huge step for 3D printing!

NEXT 1.0. is a solution that combines three key aspects of filament production: industrial quality, user ease of use and recycling.

  1. Produce (industrial tech)

3D printing filament can turn out quite costly, especially if you are a regular filament consumer (such as print shops, schools, universities, and engineers). Ok, so let’s do the math. A spool of filament costs about $40,-/kg. One kg of plastic pellets (PLA/ABS) used as prime matter for the NEXT 1.0.NEXT 1.0 costs about $5,-/kg. That’s 8 times cheaper! NEXT 1.0.The NEXT 1.0 offers unparalleled convenience by enabling automated extrusion, measurement and spooling. Every time you use NEXT 1.0., you save time and money, on each and every spool you produce. The industrial grade components and automated extrusion measurement and spooling process generate industrial filament quality, durability and no efforts whatsoever.

Adding a graph about how much money is saved /earned per spool

Recycle (full circle)

3D printing is poised to revolutionize manufacturing. However, will it also change the ecological impact of making things? NEXT 1.0. aims to contribute to diminishing the ecological impact of manufacturing by enabling users to recycle plastic waste. With the NEXT 1.0. filament extruder you can recycle an array of plastic waste, such as HDPE plastic bottles, PS plastic cups and many other plastic items that would surely end up in the bin. It’s an excellent start for a greener planet and a cleaner environment!  Think about the pile of failed 3D prints that can be re-used to create amazing 3D prints. Recycle, re-use, re-create with an ease.

Customize (future materials)

Do you want to experiment with producing your own 3D printing filament? The current market of 3D printing filament is changing rapidly. There is a lot of research and development into new materials that can be used in 3D printing. The NEXT 1.0. filament extruder is a relative small desktop version of the industrial filament extruders. Don’t be fooled by its size – it’s quite a smarty and powerful device, packed with the latest technology. Users can play with low entry testing and can experiment with new materials, while having the unique opportunity to recycle.

The revolutionary tri-zone heating system enables extreme accuracy and control during the development of new filaments.

NEXT 1.0. is suitable for commercially aimed filament development such as in filament shops, schools and universities, or home based customization for hobbyists and artists.


Designing NEXT 1.0. wasn’t easy; but boy, it was such a rewarding experience to be able to develop such an advanced solution. We were completely dedicated to creating something that would benefit everyone involved in the 3D printing industry and we paid attention to every little detail. This is the first filament extruder loaded with superior industrial technology, automated extrusion, optical measurement, spooling and much more. Check out our full list of features below or scroll down further to read more details . . .

1) High quality (industrial) extruder

NEXT 1.0.lower: a wood auger drill as seen in most consumer extruders, upper: the NEXT 1.0. extruder screw with custom designed compression zones

The extruder screw is rotated by a motor and used to transport and compress the plastic pellets, ultimately turning them from raw plastic pellets into filament wire.

Many consumer filament extruders use a standard wood auger drill bit as extruder screw. This was one of our first issues: the standard wood auger drill bit doesn’t create the right pressure build up and features poor fabrication tolerance. As a result, it produces low precision and inconsistencies in the filament. Poor filament quality consequently leads to poor 3D prints. No one wants that!

For this reason, NEXT 1.0. was developed in co-operation with specialists in extruder production. A high quality, industrial strength extruder screw with specifically designed pressure zones was implemented in the prototype version of NEXT 1.0.. The extruder screw was manufactured with the same precision as industrial extruders, and hardened by nitriding for durable use.

The extruder is powered by a regulated drive system, which enables precise RPM control and therefore precise filament.

2) Tri-zone heating system

The NEXT edition, with opened door

The NEXT edition, with opened door

The extruder screw is placed in a barrel that is heated to melt the pellets. This combined with the rotation of the extruder screw creates the pressure build up needed to extrude the plastic into filament.

Currently most consumer filament extruders on the market only have 1 heating zone. This can lead to poor results concerning the quality of the filament wire. Because of the relatively high heat input that is needed locally to heat the extruder, there is a big chance of overheating the plastic, this causes rapid degradation and shortening of the carbon chains. The end product of this is filament of less quality (more brittle, less strength).

The NEXT 1.0.’s extruder barrel has no less than three independently heated zones, each with their own heat sensor to regulate exact temperatures. It allows our filament extruder to have more control over temperatures and create higher quality filament.

  • Ideal for experimenting with new material types.

3) Hopper refill sensor

Close up of NEXT 1.0.standard hopper

Close up of NEXT 1.0.standard hopper

The hopper is the funnel that stores the plastic pellets before they are extruded into filament. NEXT 1.0. has a built in sensor that triggers on an alarm when the hopper level gets below a certain level. This lets the user know they should refill the hopper. In addition to this, the sensor will automatically shut down the filament extruder when the hopper gets too empty. This prevents low quality filament from being produced and prevents possible wear to the extruder by running the machine on empty.

4) Diameter control system

A look inside: above the diameter control puller, and below the filament positioner

A look inside: above the diameter control puller, and below the filament positioner

In order to create high quality filament you need quality materials and precise dimensions. This is why for extruding filament at industrial precision a diameter control system is indispensable.

The diameter (consistency) of the filament wire depends on many variables. NEXT 1.0. uses a specially designed diameter sensor which analyses the filament dimensions and adjusts machine variables in real-time to create ultra-consistent filament.

Another important aspect of the measuring system is the ability to change the filament diameter for use with different 3D printers (or other applications). Many current filament extruders require you to swap out (hot) extruder nozzles; this can be quite difficult when heated to +/-200 degrees C.

The NEXT 1.0. filament extruder adjusts the diameter of filament by adjusting the speed of the puller so you can seamlessly swap between diameters without changing hardware.

5) Automatic winding system with slipper clutch

A close up of the NEXT 1.0. winder

A close up of the NEXT 1.0. winder

Our main goal from the start was to drastically improve the way manufacturers can produce their own filament. Having an automated winding system was an important part of the process. Therefore, we developed NEXT 1.0., a solution that enables users to start up the machine, set the desired settings and relax – the filament extruder will do all the work.

  • The filament positioner allows users to set to the desired reel diameter and width.
  • The control system enables a neat rolling of the spool, with evenly spread layers over the entire reel width.
  • The adjustable slipper clutch design allows for the RPM of the spool to be adjusted when the spool becomes fuller. Currently, there are no consumer filament extruders with this feature, which can lead to inconsistences in the filament or mechanical wear, due to the spool tension becoming too high.

6) Easily swappable spool mount

Spool mount swapped out

Spool mount swapped out

Mounting and setting up your spool can be a hassle. In order to make this as easy as possible we designed an easy swappable spool mount. Our spool mount design allows the spool to be changed within a matter of seconds. A magnetic spool holder is fastened to the spool. This add-on enables the spool to magnetically snap into place so you can easily change to spool while extruding.

  • Considering the variety of different spools used by 3D printers, NEXT 1.0. was adapted and supports many sizes.
  • 7) Extruder drive-train

The industrial standard for an extruder drive train is (insanely) high torque and relatively low RPM. We wanted to reach the same standards without having to implement a gigantic electromotor (that drives a gigantic extruder crew). However, we were not going to settle for low performance. Since no reasonable solution was available, we decided to develop a new drivetrain. The gearbox was chosen with care, making sure that it was powerful and resistant enough to handle the pressure from the extruder screw.
The NEXT 1.0 features a high torque DC electro motor. The motor, combined with the gearbox is able to deliver an impressive torque range of 160Nm to 24,8Nm with an rpm range of 1 Rpm to 35 Rpm.
And if that wasn’t enough, the drive train has Rpm feedback – the microcontroller measures the extruder screw Rpm with a precision of 300 pulses per rotation. Afterwards, it simply adjusts the power going to the electro motor to ensure a consistent Rpm even when the resistance changes. All these to provide a perfectly equable filament.

8) User interface

A shot of the OLED display, outside the NEXT 1.0

A shot of the OLED display, outside the NEXT 1.0

Our user friendly interface features a clean design and simple navigation, allowing different levels of control over the filament extruder. From simple plug & extrude preset values to advanced variable indication and custom settings for experimenting with new futuristic materials, the interface has everything you need for professional filament production.

  • Clear OLED display
  • Simple rotary button control
  • Custom material settings

As engineers, we take an incredible amount of pride in our work. We strive for perfection in everything we do and this translates perfectly in our NEXT 1.0.. Turning our vision into reality has cost us and our team of out-of-the-box designers countless hours of work, late nights (and cups of coffee) and steamy brainstorming sessions.

Over the past 1 and a half years NEXT 1.0. has been through 5 prototype phases, each one allowing us to learn and adjust each version in order to turn NEXT 1.0. into an astonishing product. We are extremely proud and happy of the result and we are eager to share it with the world.


NEXT 1.0. provides irrefutable benefits for 3D printing filament production on any scale:

  • High quality (industrial) extruder screw
  • Three zone heating control system
  • Optical wire thickness measuring system
  • Automatic winding system
  • Easy swappable spool mount + slipper clutch system
  • Hopper refill sensor
  • RBG led strip that indicates the machine status


  • Ability to produce your own filament at a fraction of the market price.
  • An extruder designed and manufactured to an industrial standard that allows the users to produce their own high quality 3D printing filament.
  • Automated extrusion, measurement & spooling system created to offer the user quality and ease of use.


  • Turn plastic waste in to your newest creation, allowing the old to be the part of something new.
  • The answer to full circle home recycling, with your very own desktop recycling plant.
  • Re-make your failed prints to new designs.


  • Experiment and create new filaments, take part in the discovery.
  • Making new practical, exciting and unique 3D materials with industrial quality.
  • Creating custom colors exactly the way you want them.


The past few years we have been working very hard, submitting our product development skills and expertise to a pressure test.  Today, with your support, we are ready to put the NEXT 1.0. in production. By supporting this effort you will have the opportunity to be part of the evolution of 3D printing whilst militating for a cleaner environment. In addition, you can be the very first to own our amazing filament extruder. Ready to change the 3D printing industry where unlimited customized industrial quality filament is within reach?


Devoteq is a company founded at the end of 2012 by two visionary engineers (that would be usJ: Tim & Lucas). One of the main reasons we started this company is the potential challenges and complex experiences of the current industrial wave. Plus, running our own company has given us the freedom and the responsibility usually attached to building a business. It wasn’t just flowers and butterflies – our first office was the attic. Yet, we started to get involved in numerous projects and activities to gather experience and to develop our vision. One of the main domains of interest that drew our attention was 3D printing and all the technology advancements in the industry. Personal projects, training, internships and graduation projects – every activity lead to one common goal: to be able to create good, decent and well-engineered machines. We decided to start using our newly formed skills and experience in creating the missing link for a performing 3D printing process: a solution that delivers industry quality filaments with an ease. This is how NEXT 1.0 was born. Until today, this is the answer to the question of what the core vision of our company is: “building beautiful machines”. We carry this vision with full devotion. This is the reason we have named the company Devoteq (devotion to technology).

Our young, flexible and motivated team has changed over the years, but today we run a team of 8 people. Despite our limited experience (due to being young relative to the engineering market) in the market where we are in we’re committed to deliver everything to results at a professional level.


We are ready for production with your support!

What have we been doing so far?

  • Formed a great team of very talented and motivated people
  • Engineered a product that is ready to go into production
  • Developed 5 generations of prototypes
  • Tested a range of user compatible materials
  • Developed and improved billions lines of code
  • Intensive testing ALPHA models
  • Fabrication of BETA models
  • Setting up supply chains for all components

We have been implementing production and manufacturing techniques quite seriously in the development process form an early stage. Our design that is nearly ready to go in production, so we would like to get the NEXT 1.0. to you as soon as possible. We want this to be done the right way, that is why we started this Kickstarter page to get the things up and running!


If you have already assessed the benefits of NEXT 1.0. and you want to be part of this campaign and pitch in, you will get a discount and be one of the first owners of NEXT 1.0.. But more importantly you will play a key role in a game changing way filament production takes place.


Our dedication to providing you the quality and service you deserve doesn’t end with the incredible NEXT 1.0 design. We strive to give you the best quality & performance on all fronts and delivery and fulfillment of this project is no different.


Providing you with the best quality possible comes at a price. We have meticulously tested the quality of each component implemented in NEXT 1.0 to ensure we deliver the highest standards of quality.


We cannot predict the future (but we wish we could). Sometimes things happen, independently from our will: supplier delays, equipment breakdowns or shipping problems. These unplanned events could cause a delay. What matters is how fast you can tackle down the problem.

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Recreate A 50 Shades Of Grey Bathroom Scene – With An Exquisite Double Vanity Set

Ever since 50 Shades of Grey was released on the market, I am thinking about remodeling my bathroom. I am sure you wonder why such a movie would inspire me in remodeling my bathroom. Well, for starters, I have a single bathroom vanity, which is highly unpractical for someone who’s looking for a long term relationship. Secondly, I’ve always wanted a grey bathroom, instead of a plain, white one. A double grey vanity, featuring a modern, sleek design is something I would definitely choose. Dangerous, with geometrical lines, functional, designed for two (a sexy, passionate couple) – yes, I think I’m looking for a double vanity.

Now regardless of the design of the vanity, there are a few things to consider before choosing one.

  1. Space

If you want a double vanity for you and your partner, you need to measure properly and see if there is enough space. Commonly, double sink vanities are at least 60 inches wide, and if you consider the complementary storage cabinets, they can be even wider.

  1. Single or double?

Well, if you’re looking for 50 Shades of Grey type of action, I would surely say a double sink vanity. More space, more design options, more fun overall. The only thing that could prevent you from having the perfect double bathroom vanity is space. Just imagine the two of you sharing the same space in the morning! It could lead to a great day start J

  1. Customization options

What I love about double sink vanities is their versatility. Passionate people need a broad spectrum of choices to try on, if you know what I mean. Now, referring strictly to double vanities, we can customize it according to:

  • undermount sinks (mounted below the counter) and vessel sinks (above the counter)
  • faucets and handles don’t usually come with vanities, so you can make this a couple task. Spend the afternoon together choosing the right facets and handles to complement your double sink vanity.
  1. Storage

Well, there is never enough bathroom storage, especially if you plan to deposit some of your love accessories in one of the drawers. Make sure you choose a double vanity that accommodates all your needs, from towels, cosmetics, hair styling appliances and, of course, everything necessary to spice up a relationship.

  1. Mounting options
  • standard (most bathroom vanity sets include a cabinet or a buffet).
  • wall-mounted (some bathroom vanity are mounted on the wall and they don’t feature leg support on the floor).

Ok, so just to make a fine recommendation, look at this: Virtu USA Augustine 59 double bathroom vanity set IN GREY!

What else could be more delicious than a double vanity set with Italian Carrara White Marble Countertop, grey cabinet finish and enough space featured by the 4 doweled drawers with concealed soft closing sides? I say you should definitely check it out. Such products are made with passion and style… just like good love.

bubble bath

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The Love Anatomy


“You teach me now how cruel you’ve been – cruel and false. Why did you despise me? Why did you betray your own heart, Cathy? I have not one word of comfort. You deserve this. You have killed yourself. Yes, you may kiss me, and cry; and wring out my kisses and tears: they’ll blight you – they’ll damn you. You loved me – what right had you to leave me? What right – answer me – for the poor fancy you felt for Linton? Because misery, and degradation, and death, and nothing that God or Satan could inflict would have parted us, you, of your own will did it. I have no broken your heart – you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine. So much the worse for me that I am strong. Do I want to live? What kind of living will it be when you – Oh, God! would you like to lie with your soul in the grave?”
― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Lost between words.


“…the traveler, travelling through it,
May not-dare not openly view it;
Never its mysteries are exposed
To the weak human eye unclosed;
So wills its King, who hath forbid
The uplifting of the fringed lid;
And thus the sad Soul that here passes
Beholds it but through darkened glasses.”
― E.A.Poe



“I have such a fear of finding another like myself, and such a desire to find one! I am so utterly lonely, but I also have such a fear that my isolation be broken through, and I no longer be the head and ruler of my universe. I am in great terror of your understanding by which you penetrate into my world; and then I stand revealed and I have to share my kingdom with you.”
― Anaïs Nin, House of Incest



By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named NIGHT,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly
From an ultimate dim Thule —
From a wild weird clime that lieth, sublime,
Out of SPACE — out of TIME.

Poe, Edgar Allan. Dreamland. 1845.

Vertigo reloaded.

Vertigo reloaded.

SCOTTIE:    “What are you thinking about?”
MADELEINE:    “Of all the people who were born and died while the trees went on living.”
SCOTTIE:   “Their true name is Sequoia sempervirens—always green, ever living.”
Madeleine:   “I don’t like it . . . knowing I have to die.”

From VERTIGO, Alfred Hitchcock

Press release BEAUTIZ


Online Fashion and Silver Jewelry Store


CP 66538 Cavendish Mall

Cote Saint Luc, QC, Canada, H4W 3J6


Phone: +1 (514) 316-7597


Contact: Auguste Castaneda or

Beautiz announces the launch of the trendiest fashion Jewelry online store

Celebrate your unique personality with the Beautiz Fashion Jewellery

Beautiz provides chic, modern and accessible jewelry and accessories for women from around the world, setting new standards in fashion whilst featuring high quality and price convenience. 925 Quality silver Jewelry, leather bracelets, necklaces, charm bracelets, funky handbags and much more…only at

Canada, Montréal, October 20, 2014 – Beautiz announces the launch of its online fashion jewelry store, featuring hundreds of trendy products for any styles and budgets. Our efforts were focused on providing modern women from across the globe the opportunity to gain easy access to the latest fashion Jewelry and accessories, including:

        Silver jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, plus a sweet kids collection of silver jewelry)

        Fashion jewellery (necklaces, wrap bracelets, charms bracelets, leather bracelets, earrings)

        Accessories (bags)

Now you can find unique items right here at Beautiz, the best Fashion jewellery Canada website. Founded by a young, promising entrepreneur, Laurie Samaha, Beautiz features carefully selected Jewelry and accessories for modern, active women. Our collection of fashion jewelry can satisfy even the most imaginative minds and will surely become an active “ingredient” of your fashion “recipe”.

Based on our experience and the high quality products we offer through, we also included a Kids Jewelry collection, featuring a number of cute, colorful and most of all, safe Jewelry sets for children, made entirely from .925 silver.

Moreover, our Accessories range includes a fine selection of trendy handbags. Featuring a palette of youthful colors and the highest quality materials, our handbags follow the latest fashion trends: minimalist design, geometrical cuts and bright colours. Our goal is to provide our clients fashion Jewelry and accessories with three key characteristics:

  • Fresh and trendy;
  • Versatile;
  • Accesible.

Although fashion trends are always changing, our products follow a classic line that will never be out of fashion. The Beautiz fashion Jewelry and accessories can be a perfect choice no matter age, style or personality.

“It is very exciting to see that the wide diversity of fashion Jewelry choices is such a hit amongst customers from all over the world. Our website was specifically designed to be user friendly and to enhance the shopping experience. The design is chic, sleek and simple: even the not-so-tech-savvy persons can easily navigate and pick from hundreds of pieces of unique fashion Jewelry and accessories. A wide range of products are offered , from earrings to statement necklaces, fine silver Jewelry and everything in between, plus a branded collection of top-of-the-line handbags.

Laurie Samaha, Founder of Beautiz

Beautiz makes use of the newest fashion trends to become an important part of the fashion industry, and with products such as the ones featured on the Canadian online fashion store we are accomplishing our vision every day. Current collections feature:

High quality, timeless designs and attention for the customer experience are three signature features of To learn more about our collections dedicated to the women of the 21st century, visit

About Beautiz: Beautiz is the newest Fashion Jewellery Store launched on the market that truly comprehends the unique essence of each and every woman. With stylish collections of fashion Jewelry, silver jewellery and accessories, Beautiz has already attracted customers from all parts of the world. 925 silver, leather, high quality beads are just few of the materials used to create a fun, modern collection of fashion Jewelry. We welcome new customers and we invite you to celebrate the true spirit of beauty and womanhood!

Contact details

Beautiz, online fashion and silver jewelry store.

Relaxing Romania – A Trip for the Soul and the Body – OLTENIA

 Looking for the perfect vacation? The sort of vacation that takes you to new places, facilitates new experiences and introduces you to new people, new cultures?

It is difficult to book a trip that successfully combines all the elements mentioned above, especially if you want to sooth both the mind and the body. We will take you on a wonderful journey through Oltenia, a Romanian region formed by several counties: Dolj, Olt, Valcea, Gorj and part of Mehedinti County. While the north of Oltenia is proudly crowned by the Carpathians, the south is gently crossed by hills and rivers, ideal for agriculture and vine cultures.

peisaj superb cu cale ferata 1

The starting point will be Craiova, considered the capital of the Oltenia region, a city that was revived around 1960, in the name of progress. Visitors will discover true treasures in the dispersed architecture of the city.

Day 1

Craiova – Dragasani – Ocnele Mari- Ramnicu Valcea

We will leave Craiova in the morning by car to Dragasani, the unnamed “wine capital” of the Valcea County. Surrounded by fertile hills, Dragasani is the source of local wines. Many locals have passed from one generation to the other the secrets of wine making, and today, visitors can enjoy the finest wines, produced in local wineries or straight in the local’s back yards through traditional methods. Here we will visit The Stirbey Domain, the winery created by Prince Barbu Alexandru Stirbey at the beginning of the 20th century. Make sure you taste some if the best local wines: Dragasani Black, Novac, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

The day will continue with visiting the Ocnele Mari Salt Mines. Each year, thousands of tourists come to Ocnele Mari to benefit from the salted water and the local healing muds, ideal for treating various diseases (such as rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, gynecological problems or posttraumatic stress). The Ocnele Mari salt mine was created in 2009 and it is very popular due to its efficiency in treating respiratory problems. Here, you will have the chance to explore the depths of a salt mine, check the local restaurant, play tennis, football, ping pong or basketball and relax in the special relaxation area (equipped with bean bags, covers and soft relaxing music).

We close the day with a traditional dinner in Valcea.

Day 2

Ramnicu Valcea – Ostroveni – Francesti – Bistrita

Since we are in Valcea, especially if there is the summer season (anytime between May and September), a visit at the Ostroveni salt water complex is mandatory. The pool complex is the main attraction of the region and is ideal for a salt water bath. If you are not that much into sun and swimming in salt waters, you can fish on the nearby lake. The Ostroveni complex includes pools with salted water, regular pools, a sport complex and refreshments bars. The water is brought directly from the Ocnele Mari salt mine, located 12 km away, using a simple system. It has special curative properties and it’s recommended for rheumatic affections.

After few relaxing hours at the Ostroveni salt water complex, it is time to go on a spiritual journey, 25 km away from Ramnicu Valcea, in the Francesti village. Here we find Manastirea dintr-un Lemn (or the Monastery made from one tree), built in the 16th century from a single oak tree.  After finding the amazing story of this monastery, we continue our journey to Bistrita, where we will visit another beautiful monastery: The Bistrita Monastery built in 1490. Here we will have a one night accommodation and a monarchal dinner.

Day 3

Bistrita – The Trovanti Museum – Horezu

We start the day with a walk in the Bistrita Monastery area, surrounded by peaceful gardens and trees. After a tasty coffee, we will head towards Costesti, where we will visit a unique place: The Natural Reservation of the Trovanti Museum. With a surface of over 1.1. hectares, the geological reservation shelters bizarre stone shapes – spherical, ellipsoidal or eight-shapes. The rock formations named “Trovanti” are produced by a sandy hill and they roll down into the valley that shelters countless Trovanti. The size of these geological formations ranges from few centimeters to five meters. The geological reservation is unique in Europe. We leave this amazing place and we go to another interesting location, still in Costesti. The Bat Cave (which is not Batman’s cave by the wayJ) is another protected natural area. Here there are over 17 bat species. We will not guarantee that you will see all of them, but it can turn into a pretty exciting adventure.

In the afternoon we arrive in Horezu, another tourist spot in Oltenia. This is a well-known ethnographical center where locals are specialized in hand made pottery. Therefore, we will visit a pottery center where we can observe and get involved in the production process. It can be a little messy, but making your own bowl or vase is surely rewarding. After shopping for some high quality local pottery, dinner and accommodation at a traditional local inn in Horezu.

Day 4

Horezu – Polovragi Cave – Maldaresti

The fourth day of our tour begins with a visit at the Polovragi cave, 16 km away from Horezu. The cave has 900 m length and it’s one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. An old legend says that here lives Zalmoxes, the God worshiped by the Daci, the ancestors of Romanians. The drops dripping from the stone formations are said to be the God’s tears that cries because Dacia was conquered by Romans.

We spend the rest of the day in Maldaresti, at the Museum Complex Maldaresti. Here we will visit The I.G.Duca memorial house and Cula Greceanu and Duca. These are unique monuments of the Romanian architecture. The word “cula” derives from the Turkish “kule” meaning “tower”, and the Romanian architecture successfully combines the high first floor with an interior ladder and successive retreats of the walls as the construction rises. Built by Oltenia nobles, the cules have been restored and will be the perfect accommodation for the night, complemented by a traditional dinner.

Day 5

Maldaresti – Calimanesti – Craiova

In the morning we drive to Calimanesti – Caciulata, considered “the Pearl” of the balneal resorts in the Olt valley. Almost half of the resort is covered by large forests of pines and oaks, turning the entire area into a fairytale background. In 1860, the mineral water from Calimanesti was so famous for its curative properties that it was bottled and sent regularly to Napoleon the Third. We can spend the day at one of the pools in the area or on request; we can book a treatment session at any of the spa/medical centers.  We will close the day with a hike in the wonderful forests and say farewell to Calimanesti with a traditional and well-deserved dinner.

Driving back to Craiova, after a relaxing tour for both the mind and the body. Until next time!

Ethnographical study – Meeting the future: The elders and their relationship with the information technology

Ethnographical Study Meeting the Future: The Elders and Their Relationship with the Information Technology


   All the demographical studies made in the last years clearly indicate that the world is passing through a period of deep demographical shift, where the majority of the population is relatively young, but an important percentage, about 10%, is represented by people aged over 60.                                                

  An important organizational resource that can provide a competitive advantage in the field of information technology is knowledge.  The role that assistive technology plays in the life of the elders over 60 can be essential for them in order to improve their life and social communication level in the modern world.  We can observe the great incentive to give a helping hand to elders in order for them to be independent in their homes.    

   The motif is that the aggressive wave of the technology created a favorable background for the seniors to back off, feeling isolated or alienated.  Regarding this issue, there are numerous efforts in adapting the informational technology for all citizens, no matter their cultural or educational background, disabilities or requirements.  The assistive technology meant a huge help for the senior category of people, beginning a true technological battle with the disabilities that can occur at ages over 60, especially the age-related memory –loss.

  Our study presents how the elder population over 60 can benefit from the relationship with the concept of assistive technology, by combining the concepts of learning society with the information technology.  The study focuses on the reproduction and the research of elder’s everyday life, by underlining their needs, the social structures they are involved in and their contact with the modern technology. 

  The objective was to find out the needs of elder people over 60 years and in what manner they can be satisfied by the products of the information technology, with a focus on the product called Medicine Reminder.   

   Some of the products produced by the informational technology companies are actually re-imagined existing technologies: devices that help the blind men cross, walkers that come when they are called or pills boxes with an alarm.  As long as those products come in familiar packages, and are easy to use, they will be easily accepted by the elders. They help the senior persons live a quality life, independent and free of worries.

  For example, one simple device is a modified alarm clock, that helps seniors to remember eating or taking their medicine.  The auto-minder or the medicine reminder clock as they call it, does clearly more than sending an alarm on schedule, it shows the time when they must take the medication, thus helping the seniors maintain their health state. Some of the products from this information technology category are the Watchminder2 made by Time Now, Cadex medication reminder from Cadex or the Multi-alarm reminder box from HGG International Limited. 

   We designed the Medicine Reminder, which brings the assistive technology to elders in an easy to use and to maintain device.  What makes our product different from other devices with the same functionality is that it was created having in mind the fact that it would be used by elder people, while the other devices on the market are also very performing, but also have very complicated tasks.

KeywordsAssistive Technology, elders, user research, ethnographical study, Medicine Reminder, information technology, preventive health Problem statement

The ethnographic study focuses on the benefits of the Medicine Reminder device for the elders over 60, considering the health problems that can occur at that age, the memory loss and the development of the assistive technology.

The ethnographic research

   The ethnographic method was used as a research approach due to its deep analysis process that can reveal the theoretical perspectives upon the importance of the modern devices provided by the information technology in the life of the elders over 60. Our study involves the results of the research group studying the human dynamics of elder people in accordance with the new information technology and its influence in their daily activities.

  It was a one-day workshop that helped us to examine the current position of information technology to support the elders over 60 in preserving their health and well-being.   We allowed the elders to describe their opinion about the information technology and the medicine reminder device in particular.

  The study was realized through methods of the ethnography including the participant observation and the ethnographic interview.  An essential part of the study consists in interviews, because it was the best method to understand the elders’ daily lives and the position that the information technology occupies in their lives.

After the research was conducted, we analyzed the ethnographical process and we made a clear difference between the presentational data (the declarations of the elders) and the operational data (the actual context where the elders are placed regarding the study).

    The incredible progresses made in the field of technology and communications have lead to an informative society, and senior people were also affected by those changes.  We focused on the relationship that elder over 60 have with the assistive technology products, and in what manner those products contributed at improving their memory decline.

   The results indicate that elders over 60 are facing an increasing memory loss, in addition to the health problems that come with this age. As this decline in the physical and cognitive state of the elders occurs, many of their daily activities require a performing device that will help them to remember when to take their medicine or perform other activities.

   There are many products created by the assistive technology manufacturers, but we chose a medicine reminder as a promising opportunity field.  The elder persons need a device that will help maintain their health by indicating the time when the medication must be taken and the correct dosage through a simple display and alarm clock.  The device requires almost no maintenance and it’s easy to use, as the elders who participated at the study confirmed. 

  We wanted details about the daily activities of elders, and we used the ethnographical interview asking, for example, if they use any device produced by the assistive technology and if it has improved in a certain way their lives.  Two main themes emerged from the interviews: elders are very attached to the old technology and they consider that their health is the most important thing at this point of their lives. 

  The study is based on the participant observation  of elders over 60 that can be relevant regarding the impact of the information technology and will underline the reasons behind selecting such a subject for our study. The research was conducted in a household in the
UK.  There were 50 housewives and 62 retired men, all aged over 60 that participated at our study.  The majority of them had the average study background, meaning college, while a smaller percentage, about 10% had a master degree in their field of activity.  

  We will mention the results that we obtained in three of those cases who participated at the ethnographical study: S.V (62 years old, former Army officer), J.T. (60 years old, former teacher) and M.S. (65 years old, former construction worker).  Their professional background is relevant for decrypting the entire results of the study, regarding the problems that people over 60 encounter in their daily activities, their health problems and the level of independence in their lives.  The fact is that while living with their children, the seniors were helped daily in what concerns the medicines.  Their children were the ones that made sure that the medicines would be taken on time and in the right dosage, and by that they were assuring themselves that their parents will maintain their health.

   In time, children had married and choose to move in their own apartments leaving the seniors alone to deal with their problems.  The change was not a good one, because the seniors were facing more than loneliness, they had to face the situations created by the increased memory loss and diseases that occur at this age.

  The three seniors that we will focus on suffered from heart affections (S.V), diabetes (J.T) and osteoporosis (M.S).  All those affections required daily treatments with medicines in a certain dosage and if not taken on time, they can influence the state of the health in a major way.   The weak memory and the serious diseases the three seniors had lead to an important need to substitute the help previously provided by their children.  In order to maintain also the independence of the seniors, we considered that a simple device that will signal the time when the medicines must be taken and the right dosage would be the best answer to all their needs.

   They have also agreed that the assistive technology could be useful in their daily activities, but only if it would be easy to use and come in a familiar shape.  The radical products of the information technology are not that attractive for the elders because they have complicated systems and they find them hard to use.  The opportunity of having a Medicine Reminder was interesting for them, considering the following aspects:

§         its simple design;

§          the system that requires only the doctor and the pharmacist to operate in order to set the schedule of taking the medicine and the right dosage;

§         The alarm and the vibration option that are used to signal the time scheduled for the medicine.      



   The Ethnography study we have conducted has revealed that the conventional technologies like the telephone and the Television are used more frequently by the elders over 60 to manage their knowledge and lives.  The radical products offered by the Information Technology, such as medicine reminders or smart houses, for example, are not entirely exploited, but it is obvious what kind of benefits they can bring and their prospective potential.


   The results of the study are clearly in favor of this new form of helping the elders from our society through a device like the Medicine Reminder and there are many arguments that dispute its emergence.

   The Medicine Reminder is a solution to the elders’ memory loss and their need to take their medicines daily, at certain hours, in order to maintain their health and enjoy their lives without losing their independence.  Its tasks of reminding and warning the elders about the medication that supports their health make it a real health coach for the elders.    

   This new technology based on the artificial intelligence techniques is meant to help elder people by considering the changes brought by aging, especially the cognitive difficulties and decline.  In time, seniors will be unable to take care of themselves or their homes, and they will be confronted with the medical and social systems that can offer them the help they need, but the technology will give them the sense of control of their own lives. 


Valentine’s Day Jewellery from Beautiz

 “It was upon a Sommers shynie day,

When Titan faire his beames did display,

In a fresh fountaine, farre from all mens vew,

She bath’d her brest, the boyling heat t’allay;

She bath’d with roses red, and violets blew,

And all the sweetest flowers, that in the forrest grew.”

(1590, Sir Edmund Spenser from the epic “The Faerie Queene”)

J Here is our own version of the well-known Valentine’s Day rhyme, supposedly derived from the above 1590’s poem. There are so many things to say about love…an article is simply not enough to cover all the aspects. Wars were started over love, dynasties have crashed or pacts have been made for the sake of love. It is the one characteristic that makes us human; celebrating love should be a perpetual event, not only for Valentine’s Day.  However, let’s consider it one extra occasion when you can express your love. Beautiz truly believes that love makes the world go round, so we decided to launch a special Valentine’s Day collection, just to make it easier for you to pick the best gift for the one you love.

The centerpiece of the collection is the “heart”, creatively introduced in every piece of the Beautiz jewelery in order to illustrate the greatness of the feeling we call LOVE.

  • Purple Heart is a sensual necklace featuring a heart shaped pendant. The pendant was carefully embellished with countless purple crystals that will delicately underline the beauty of the wearer.
  • Venise is the perfect choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift. The heart shaped earrings, adorned with white crystals will surely shine during a romantic Valentine’s dinner. However, she will be the main attraction, and not just because she will wear her Beautiz Venise earrings.
  • Arabesque brings the exotic flavor of the Orient in a simple, yet distinctive necklace. Manufactured from the best materials, nickel and lead free, this is a necklace that is both wonderful and versatile. The heart shaped pendant has two sides> one that glitters thanks to dozens of white crystals and one that features alembicated, oriental designs. If you are looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift, this is surely a perfect choice.
  • White Heart – White Heart is a sensual necklace featuring a heart shaped pendant. The pendant was carefully decorated with countless bright white crystals that will delicately underline the beauty of the wearer.
  • Some say nothing lasts forever. Well…love does. One should not wait for Valentine’s Day for choosing a symbol of such eternal love. Beautiz tries to inspire all lovers by launching the Forever necklace, a wonderful memento of strong love. The circle has always been representative for eternity, so we tried to physically represent the concept by adding a pendant made from two united circles: one for HIM, and one for HER.
  • The symbolic Forever necklace comes with a matching bracelet, just as stylish as its pair.
  • First Love – If you like classic, yet timeless designs, the First Love necklace is the gift you should order. Featuring a sweet, classic heart pendant, this piece reminds us of the necklace you usually choose for your childhood sweetheart. Innocence, timeless design and quality – this is the Beautiz trademark.
  • Sparkling Love – And when feeling LOVE is simply not enough and you feel like showing it to the whole world, a necklace with a pendant that actually spells LOVE is what you need. The emotional calligraphy is gently completed by matching white crystals, adding glamour to your love declaration. The necklace has a matching bracelet, sold separately.

When it comes to true love, Valentine’s Day is just another day to express what you feel. Make sure you cherish the one you love in every single way: with words, gestures, affection, support and unconditional love. Whenever it is time to enhance all the above, remember Beautiz is here for you!

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